Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Top 12 & Songs From Lennon & McCartney

It was a strange night, I thought most of the contestants did well but unlike the judges I really enjoyed the performances that were closer to the originals. Brooke was fantastic and Ramiele was note perfect. Chikezie sounded good but looked a little like he had taken dancing lessons from Taylor Hicks. Amanda was shouty and mumbly as usual and Kristie didn't really pull of her country version of "Eight Days A Week" but she did get my attention. Poor David A. I feel so bad for him, it was obvious from the beginning that he was uncomfortable and once he lost the lyrics he just never got ahold of the song again. I'm not to worried for him at this point though as he definately has the popular vote, my guess is Syesha has had her last chance.

Top 3: Brooke, Ramiele, Chikezie
Bottom 3: Kristie, Syesha, David A.

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