Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top 10 Girls Do The 70's

So, it wasn't a great night; but as a long time Idol fan I have heard worse. There's seems to be an almost universal problem with singing softly, and pitchy was the word of the night. The only performance that was utterly and horribly awful was Amanda, just a nightmare, she really is so much better than that. And Kady came close with a song she had no business singing. My only other biggie is that Brooke and "You're So Vain" are NOT meant to be together. She may have the right voice, but no one singing that song should be bouncing, smiling, and annoyingly happy! I really liked Kristie, she surprised me with how well she did tonight.

Top 3: Alexandrea, Kristie, Ramiele
Bottom 3: Alaina, Kady, Amanda

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