Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Miss Andreia!

the Birthday Girl's purple tongue

So, 6 years ago at 7:14am I gave birth to a sweet, innocent baby girl! I could never have imagined then the wonderful, wild, smart muffin she turned out to be.

the presents
opening just one

She loves presents, well who doesn't, and couldn't wait to open one. She had a hard time waiting until after her party to open the rest, but somehow she managed.

Andreia's Chocolate Creation
Andreia's Vanilla/Butter Creation

This year she was very hands on for the cakes and decorations. She frosted and decorated both cakes by herself and did much of the decorating, dictating what she couldn't actually do herself.

the mailbox
Birthday Princess
decorated screenhouse
Andreia gets a Bratz Cat

Our one neighbor has 7 children, and we absolutely love them all. For Andreia's 1st birthday they were the only children we invited, and today Olga and I reminisced about the fact that her 5th & 6th are now about the same ages as her 1st & 2nd were at that first party.

Anthony & his balloon
Anthony & his balloon
Mr. Anthony

Sweet little Anthony is #7 and was just as chipper at the party as everyone else. He had a small love affair going with a ballon Andreia blew up for him. I have my suspicions about the attraction, but I'll keep them to myself. The older kids had fun with the balloons too; first they popped all the ones we had blown up, then they blew up and popped the rest.

Andreia & Amanda open presents
Andreia & Amanda open presents
Andreia & Amanda open presents

Andreia finally got her chance to open her presents, and she was kind enough to share the experience with Amanda! Not bad for an only who has always lived in a house full of catering adults. I think Amanda was more impressed with some of the gifts than Andreia was, who knows what lurks in the minds of little girls?!?

Oooh, a one!

So, that's pretty much the end of the birthday story except to note that we really need to work on her understanding of money. When she opened the card from her Great-Aunt & Uncle she exclaimed, "Oooh, a one!" as the twenty fluttered to the floor. That and score for Mom with the penguin birthday card that got the biggest reaction of anything from our girl today.

a PENGUIN card from Mommy

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