Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Well, celebrations in our neck of the woods got off to an early start with fireworks in the nearby town of Villa Rica. It was their 3rd fireworks display and the largest gathering of people in Villa Rica ever. I know why so many people were there - these people know what they are doing. There were plenty FREE things to do with the kids, lots of food and drink vendors, lots of great seating areas, plenty of changes of entertainment, lots & lots of bathrooms and pit stop potties, and one of the best & longest firework displays I have seen in years.

Festivities were to start at 6pm and when we arrived at 5:45 everything was in full swing. We staked out a spot to sit and at our supper. After a spectacular air jumper display including the National Athem as the American Flag drifted down with one of the jumpers, we took a walk to check out the booths. Free fans, free ballons, cheap trinkets, fundraising t-shirts, and some photos of the hot air balloon later we headed off to the inflatibles. The line seemed long but the teens running them kept it moving and we were in line for less than 5 minutes.

At 7pm a band started playing and except for a short intermission they played until just minutes before the fireworks started. I'm not a huge fan of country but they were great and had a fabulous mix of songs that kept the crowd entertained. Much to Miss Andreia's embarassment her mom kept singing along - badly. It was lots of fun.

They played the National Athem again and the fireworks started on the line "the bombs bursting in air". They played several patriotic songs, marches, and military songs and there was a mini-finale at the end of each song. Finally, the music stopped and the real finale came and it just kept going. I was disappointed that my camera picked the end of the night to misbehave, but the display was truly enjoyable. We will definately go back next year.

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Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow, looks like someone had a fun f4th of july!