Thursday, April 10, 2008

IGB and Spring Break Don't Mix

While on one hand I am glad I didn't have to shuttle my daughter off to bed a little early 3 nights in a row in order to watch IGB having her here 24/7 doesn't leave time for much else. Not that I really wanted to write about this disaster of a week.

The Tuesday performances were overall uninspiring. I love David Cook but the whole arrangement fell flat and the only uplifting moment was the message on his hand. Carly and Michael gave decent vocal performances but the performances left something to be desired. Syesha is once again do a combo performance this time trying to blend Diana & Fantasia ~ NOT! Both David A. and Brooke delivered solid if boring and predictable performances. And Kristie and Jason, yeah they were there too.

Wednesday night started off fun and I had no real delusions about what most of the show content was going to be; but that didn't stop me from being just a little bit annoyed when they started trying to shove religion down my throat in the process.

Tonight the catastrophe continued with a replay of last night's most blatant religious pitch and then some more heart wrenching clips of children in desperate need. Then in an amazing twist the first five out are safe, go Cookie, and Michael, Carly, and Syesha are left hanging in the wings. What possesses America to leave the likes of Kristie, Syesha, and Jason while dumping Michael I don't think I'll ever understand. Till next time.

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