Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Top 5 Do Neil Diamond

So tonight brought us the music of Neil Diamond and it was interesting to say the least. Here's what I thought of the performances:
Round 1
  • Jason Castro - Forever In Blue Jeans - It was just there. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

  • David Cook - I'm Alive - It was better than good, but somehow not all that I am used to getting from him. Although I do have to admit that as I listen to it while I am writing I like it more now than I did then.

  • Brooke White - I'm A Believer - A little to frantic and frentic for my taste, but at least she managed a little smiling.

  • David Archuleta - Sweet Caroline - Umm who thought this song would be a good choice for him??? The "pitchiness", strange phrasing just sort of ruined this for me.

  • Syesha Mercado - Hello, Again - Wow, she can really sing when she isn't trying to over do the whole diva note thing. I am enjoying her more and more. Poor Sysesha this probably means she is going home.

So my top pick for round 1 was Syesha with David C. a close second. And lest we forget the disaster that is Paula, I really wonder what drugs she is taking and if there is any way to get some. I have some people I'd like to confuse.
Round 2
  • Jason Castro - September Morn - This could have been great, but of course all of Paula's premonitions came true and it was in general very blah.

  • David Cook - All I Really Need Is You - Loved it! I miss the big notes from him, but the music, the lyrics, the performance was all just so perfect. And we got guitar in both performances!

  • Brooke White - I Am I Said - I liked it. It was sweet and vulnerable like all of her best performances. I wish I was more hopeful for her future in this competition, but I think she is more than ready to leave at this point.

  • David Archuleta - America - Eh! It's not that it was badly sung, or even a poor song choice, I am just over the ballady, heart warming, Disneybot already.

  • Syesha Mercado - Thank The Lord For The Night Time - Wow, I liked this one too. She really is coming into her own on the Idol stage, now the question is - is it too little too late?

And round 2 goes to David C. with Brooke and Syesha turning in memorable performances as well. Looking forward to tomorrow night and the results.

Top 2: David Cook, Syesha
Bottom 2: David Archuleta, Jason Castro

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