Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Top 7 Do Mariah Carey

So my expectations for this night were not high, too many times we have all heard the judges warn against doing Mariah and now the producers have backed the top 7 in a corner and put the diva gun to their heads.

Surprise, the guys delivered solid performances. David A. was predictable but note perfect and not hard to watch. David C. blew me away and I just know that I will be listening to that performance for hours this coming week. Jason started and ended good, which made the strain on his voice in the middle a little less noticable.

Now for the girls, can we say train wreck. Carly could have been good, if she had just managed to let go, I like her despite this and keep rooting for her breakout performance. Syesha overstretched herself once again and totally missed the mark. Brooke tried to reach beyond herself and fell kind of flat but not so much so that I have stopped loving her, I am still amazed at how much I like to listen to her between shows. And then there is Kristie, I swear that this was one of her best performances and I know that should mean something, but it doesn't I just want her to go away so that we don't lose anymore good contestants.

Top 3: David C., David A., Jason

Bottom 3: Kristie, Brooke, Syesha

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