Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Top 6 Do Andrew Llyod Webber

I must admit I have really been looking forward to this since the theme was first announced. I was definately a theatre geek in high school and just adore Webber's musicals. Overall I was not disappointed with the performances.

David Cook was my favorite of the night. A straight up performance of "Music of the Night" was the last thing I expected, and once again the unexpected was fabulous. Fantastic vocal control, tone, texture, and the boy oozes charisma.

David A., Carly, and Syesha all crowded in wanting to be second; but I think Syesha took it on pure surprise factor. I really liked her, she looked happy and alive, it wasn't a ballad, and she sounded great. David A. surprised by actually making a diva song work, and for making a broadway showtune sound like it could play on pop radio; although I was just a little disappointed that he didn't drift quite as far from his comfort zone. And thank you ALW for helping Carly find her comfort zone! "Superstar" was the perfect song for her, and even with some lyric flubs she was fun to watch on stage.

Brooke and Jason wrap up the pack and I will put Brooke last just because I think the poor girl is actually ready to go. Jason delivered another boring, uninspired performance that left me wondering just how long his looks can keep him in this. Poor Brooke, she didn't perform horribly after the restart; but who gets 2 restarts in one season. During the judges comments I wondered if she was going to throw up and then flee for her life, perhaps it would be better if she had.

top 3: David C., Syesha, David A.

bottom 3: Carly, Jason, Brooke

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