Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tabbikat's Thursday 13 #4

13 Favorite American Idol Contestants

Here are my top 13 American Idol contestants from seasons 1-7...
  • 13 - Kellie Pickler - Even when I don't like her music, I like Kellie because she doesn't take herself too seriously and always seems to light up the room.

  • 12 - Katharine McPhee - She has a beautiful voice and always looks good on stage.

  • 11 - Melinda Dolittle - I love her humble nature, big voice, and the ability to tell a story with a song.

  • 10 - Diana DeGarmo - Little girl, big voice, never say die spirit, what's not to love.

  • 9 - Clay Aiken - He was the first guy I liked on AI and was definately my choice to win season 2.

  • 8 - Jennifer Hudson - She always performed well on the show, despite taking a beating from the judges and the voters. I think she has really had the last laugh.

  • 7 - Brooke White - Her stage presence leaves something to be desired but if I am just listening to her, I love it.

  • 6 - Elliott Yamin - Great voice and a fantastic attitude, he was my second pick for winner in seasn 5.

  • 5 - Jordin Sparks - It took sometime for Jordin to grow on me, but her beautiful voice and performing skills won me over.

  • 4 - Kelly Clarkson - I thought Kelly was okay on AI, but love her now. I know some are turned off by the darker side, but let's get real, which one of us is light and sunshine all the time.

  • 3 - Bo Bice - Bo had that gritty southern charm on stage and he pushed AI to new levels, I am happy to see that he has come out with an album more representative of who he is and what he does, than his AI release was.

  • 2 - Chris Daughtry - My #1 choice in season 5 I was devastated when he left in the #4 position. Of course, he is another one that proves you don't need to finish anywhere near #1 to make Idol work for you.

  • 1 - David Cook - I like David as much for his pre-Idol music as I do for his Idol performances. I could care less where he gets his arrangements, at least he is smart enough to go looking for what works for him instead of settling for what is expected. Add that he is a self-proclaimed "word nerd" and to me you've got the whole package.

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