Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Writer's Wednesday #4

My Life

As I wander through my life
Not the way it is
But -- the way it should be
I see you standing there, waiting for me
Life the way it can be
Happiness and laughter surround us
As we share the world together -- as one
You and I in my life
The way it could be, if I had met you
Not him -- first
Held you to me, loved you the way
I want to now
To be with you and share with you
That which he already has
You as my life, filling the emptiness within
Using friendship and love to close the gap
I wonder how I made it this far -- alone
As I wander through my life
Wanting what can never be
I see you standing here, waiting for me

written February 9, 1994
updated 2004

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